by Psychic Radio



2016 has been an interesting year filled with growth and interesting opportunities. I just want to say thank you to the people who constantly support me, and also those who inspired some of these tracks..especially because you probably don't know it's about you. Enjoy the paranoia.


released November 13, 2016



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Psychic Radio Los Angeles, California

I'm Jade James and this is Psychic Radio.

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Track Name: Poltergeist
Float through the wall, bounce off the ceiling
Lights on and off, just like the feeling

You came here to multiply
It's not said, but it's implied
You hit me with evil eyes
Nice of you to drop by

Bite your tongue, take a breath, this is just another step
Say your prayers, count to five, remember you're still alive
Track Name: Miss My Body
Can you help me find my body?
I really need to find my body
Can you help me find my body?
I miss my body

But I--

Play it safe, you always play it safe
i'm going on a trip to a place that don't exist
I'm already gone, singing like the swan when it's singing its song
Kicking a dead horse for way too long
Living in a place where I don't belong

But I--

Fluctuate, you always fluctuate
You're lying to yourself when you say you're not in hell
You're already gone, singing a good song that's already been sung
Wondering just where the time has flown
Promises that slipped right off your tongue
Track Name: Dog Boy
Baby come my way, don't like those games you play
Sit down, take a break, I'll make you something great
I see you're not afraid, boy, that's a big mistake
Fool me once or twice, third time you get the knife

Dog boy, I'm not a toy
You're gonna burn, baby, you're gonna burn
Dog boy, it was a ploy
I lit the fire, now it's your turn

Baby make me sway, don't like those things you say
This is no parade, I'm gonna make you pay
You think it's just a game? Just know I think the same
Step into the flames so I can take my aim

I know just where you stay,
the valley is on my way
I'll drop by and ring your bell,
if they ask me I'll say you fell
Track Name: Psychochromatic
I've got that beat, I'll give you what you need
You wanna meet? You better bring that heat
Track Name: Kaspar
Oh Kaspar,
You're not the friendliest ghost
But I've been seeing what you're doing and I'm hoping you're pursuing 'cause I think you're really cool
And Kaspar,
You're not the friendliest host
But I'll sit up in your room 'cause I'm hoping really soon that you'll show me what goes down

(you think you're slick when you're strumming on my heart strings)

I bet you think I want you
But you know it ain't true

I'm so done with you and all the dumb shit you do
Track Name: Air Burial
Baby, Baby
Is this place haunted or am I just crazy?
Baby, Baby
Am I wanted or are you acting shady?

(I bet you do this all the time)

Maybe, Maybe
I'm the culprit, but is this any way to be?
Maybe, Maybe
I'm a tumbleweed and you're a daisy
Track Name: Elephantom
I've got some feelings for you but they're irrelevant
Just like that thing in the room,
yeah, the elephant

Get out of my dreams
This isn't what it seems
Get out of my dreams
Or is this what I need?

(If you're thinking of him you're not thinking again)

You should be with me
I mean it, actually
That may be extreme
But I'm sensing a theme

(I've been thinking of you like there's nothing to do)
Track Name: Destination (interlude)
If you're the moon, then we're all stars.
Track Name: Reincarnation
Distractions, Distractions
Put them in my face and make me feel like I'm a fraction
Of my former self but it's just a call to action
So internal that it feels like contractions

You caught me. Alright you got me.
Little miss perfect found a fly up in her coffee
Swallow like it's protein 'cause complacence is a hobby
A zombie, like those who haunt me

I belong to the land, when I go I'll understand
I hope I go up to space, if the dust be replaced

Are we getting out of this place? I won't lie to your face
Cover your body in lace with your hands interlaced
Track Name: Interpretate
Break down in your head,
You want to sleep, I want to go to bed
I misinterpret all the words you said
You don't want to reason, you'd rather cry instead
Go ahead, push me away
You couldn't call me on a saturday
All you ever do is ruminate
On all the things I do that you hate
Track Name: Pluto (Sad Babe)
There's a good way, and a bad way
We both know your way, you don't know mine babe
I can't be mad babe, you're not all bad babe
I don't know why I'm hanging on
I'm sad babe

I had to fake my own death just to see if he had left
He was lying on my chest like the sleep paralysis
He played me like chess, I guess that how he likes it
I guess that's how he likes it
Track Name: Graveyard Shifter
Are you picking me up tonight?
We'll ride, oh, we'll ride

(you're always feeling but I have no heart)

Dead man walking
You can't stand talking
I just start chalking it up to "you are not the one"
Track Name: Deader, Deadest
Someone once told me that a wise man said
Living in your head is an uphill battle
When you're stagnant, you're pretty much dead
Everyone's so bad, we forget to tattle
Can't control what you cannot change
Maybe if I could than I might be happy?
Never chase dreams that are in my range
Do I want the money or the fame? You tell me

(What do I want? You tell me)

I'm split, can't you see?
One bed, but two of me


When you're dead, this is how you move
Track Name: St. Sinna
I blow my mind
it's alright
Fill the time